When you’re watching your television, you see various movies, video clips, music clips, news reports etc. The way they are structured and shown is, most times, interesting and easy to watch because they were edit. Yep, almost everything you see on your television is edited before being released. Well, it is a logical conclusion, especially when it comes to movies where you see some special effects that make your eyes to concentrate on a maximum level, in order to capture everything that is happening in the picture. After you shot a video, you won’t leave it as it is, even a simple home made video has some capturing flaws that can be easily corrected with the proper tools, in order to watch at its fullest in the future.

So what is video editing exactly? This process may seem complex at first, and at some point it is. But, grasping the basics won’t require much skill, it is mostly a question of understanding how the tools work. You most likely encountered in your practical video capturing process, that your image is sometimes too bright or too dark, shakes quite a bit or the colours are kind of bizarre. These are the basic flaws of video capturing, and can be easily corrected through video editing. Most video editing software contain the necessary tools that can allow you to effectively correct your video in a professional way. It is mostly a question of time and tenacity. At first everything will be new to you, adapting to a new field of work and also, into a new software environment. And secondly, your first video editing will be really slow, but as you progress and get a hang of the basics your productivity will rise in no time, and you will most likely receive pleasure in editing videos, because the a positive before-and-after result always brings joy into the creators mind.

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If some time ago the only way to edit a video is having the right equipment, specifically designed for video editing, now literally any owner of a personal computer can try himself in this field of work. The only requirement is to have the proper tools, in this case software, and a computer that applies for the medium system requirements of this software. Because, video editing consumes quite a bit of your computers resources, especially when you work on high resolution of Full High-Definition and above. Other than that, you at some point you have to search for the proper video editing software that can satisfy your needs. There are a number of various video editing software from different companies, they mostly vary with supported tools and integrated features, most are common, yet still each company has its own “specialties”.

If you have some period of time of using a computer then you most likely heard of Adobe Systems company. Adobe is a computer software company that offers a variety of digital products for its customers. If you are a simple user than you at least have heard about Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Photoshop. But, besides these three most popular software they have other products, among which is a video editing software.

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Adobe’s video editing software goes under the name of Premiere, which afterwards was named Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software that offers its users wide possibilities for activity. Even though the amount of tools and features is large, as a new user you won’t have trouble adapting to it due to its friendly-user and intuitive interface. With this software you can easily cut, filter, render, mix, apply effects and many many other elements apply to your video. With this tool the only limitation to achieve your goal will be your imagination. Adobe Premiere Pro supports very high resolution, allowing its user to work and render videos up to a 10240 x 8192 resolution with up to 32 bits per channel, pretty sweet huh? The latest versions of Adobe Premiere Pro, including version CS6, besides supporting the classic QuickTime and DirectShow formats, additionally it supports a wide variety of video and audio formats and codecs for Windows and Mac OS. Lastly, for those who work with 3D video making, it supports the edit of 3D material using 2D monitors and to make certain corrections to the left and right eye individually.

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Because Adobe Premiere Pro contested to settle its place on professional video editing software on the market, it had to include a package of various programs that allows high bit-depth rendering, multiple sequence support, time remapping, multi-camera editing, colour correction tools, time remapping, bezier key-framing and advanced audio mixer interface. And, without a doubt they did it. In Adobe Premier Pro CS6, which was released under codename “Mighty Kilt” had a big creative suit pack that included various features like adjustment layers, uninterrupted playback while editing, over 50 new editing enhancements etc.

Adobe Premier Pro CS6 is still a professional video editing software, and in order to use it to the fullest you have to buy it. If you don’t have the necessary funds at the moment, but still wish to use it you can try using one of our serial numbers stocked in our database, and by introducing this number in the installation process you will have the possibility to use this program to its fullest freely!



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